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TEST PRESS: Zygos - Drained EP [TRSK006]


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After the hypnotism of Pugilist’s Chrysalis EP, TRUSIK enlists Rarefied cohort Zygos for a three track EP that brings his dank, claustrophobic and horror-film atmospherics to bare.

“Direkt”, in collaboration with Teffa, features soundclash chatter, but morphs into something quite different with ghastly wails in place of your typical dubstep wobs and growls. As the song develops further, the ghoulish caterwauls take a melodic approach and become a fiendish melody for the damned.

On the flipside, “Run Down” sees Zygos take a techier route with a pneumatic bassline and cybernetic grit that deserves to be blared at an inadvisably loud volume by a 22nd century bōsōzoku gang in Neo-Osaka.

Lastly, “Drained” guides you down a dark stairwell into an underground pit fight with its bone-snapping snares and abysmal bass-weight leaving you bruised and battered.

Featuring nightmare fuel from the mind of Ben LaDieu (last seen on Tremble’s release) who again graces TRUSIK with his brand of dense and horror vacui line work to match Zygos’s nauseating soundscapes.

TRSK006 will be released April 12th on 12" vinyl and digital format. Pre-orders available from March 20th.

Listen on Soundcloud.

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