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From the mouldy basements that Zygos inhabited, TRUSIK turns eastward to Back to Chill cohort and recent GourmetBeats artist, CITY1, for a brand new three track EP that pushes dubstep beyond its current 808 and trap leanings into something far more interesting.

The title track “Buluu” shimmers and glides effortlessly with a hang-drum melodic rhythm that surrounds itself against cascading snares and hi-hats that echo off into infinity for a meditative voyage towards Takamagahara.

“Bega”, on the other hand, leads us down a cybernetic tunnel of pneumatic sub-bass concussions that thrust the listener into a deeper, more augmented version of the world comprised from lines of computer code.

As the dust settles, CITY1 initiates “Cosmic Chant” which has a soft, lulling piano figure rising upward from what is left of the ruins until it cracks into a staggering construction of melodic bleeping and fluctuating sub-bass lines that roll and crest like the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

On the visual side of this release, TRUSIK has brought onboard Japanese artist Hisanori Yaghi whose surreal, yet familiar artwork evokes and compliments the mystical sonic world that CITY1 has created for our seventh record.

TRSK007 will be released on 12" vinyl and digital format. Release date TBA.

Listen on Soundcloud.

Image of TEST PRESS: HELKTRAM - Suggestive Effect EP [TRSK008]
TEST PRESS: HELKTRAM - Suggestive Effect EP [TRSK008]
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Sold out
TEST PRESS: Zygos - Drained EP [TRSK006]
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